This filter represents the ideal solution for all filtration problems which require a cartridge dust collector for ATEX zones complete with an automatic cleaning system that allows the pressure drops, and consequently the machines suction, to be kept approximately constant. Dirty air enters in the hopper directly and passes through the filtering elements. Pulsair C is equipped with explosion-proof panels, necessary in the event of an explosion to release over-pressure.

Pulsair C is particularly suitable for all those extremely fine dusts, potentially explosive, which have a tendency to penetrate into the thickness of the fabric and are difficult to eliminate and clean. The cartridges are automatically cleaned by backwashing with compressed air. The cleaning system is equipped with a monitoring and control panel that reads the differential pressure and operates only if it is necessary to clean the cartridges. This system promotes a lower consumption of compressed air and a respective longer life of the cartridges. Choosing the right filtering cartridge and the rational filtration speed, the efficiency is close to 100% allowing to treat a wide range of pollutants.


Carbon steel sheets, punched and folded. Appropriately treated, RAL powder coated and baked in the furnace to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Exhaust system available

  • Bin
  • Star valve

Available Versions

  • Carbon steel RAL powder coated 
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316L stainless steel

Filtering elements available

  • Filtering cartridges

Download the documentation of the available colors and filter elements.

fitro a maniche pulsair mco

Standard equipment

  • Explosion-proof panels
  • Support legs and hopper
  • Bin or star valve collection system
  • Door for inspection and maintenance
  • Automatic pneumatic cartridge cleaning system
  • ATEX component
  • Antistatic cartridges

Optionals available

  • Tank cover
  • Control unit cover
  • Pressure regulator
  • Ladder and platform
  • ATEX fan complete with soundproof box
  • Fire extinguishing system with pipes, spray nozzles and temperature probe

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